In my first part of this series (From can’t do to want to do – A drive to bring systemic change in the approach towards life-My Early Life Experience ), I told you about my school life experiences, and the fact that I wanted to do things, despite hearing “you can’t do anything because of your blindness”. Read on to know my college life experiences which will hopefully turn you into a solution seeker. 


While I was scared to think that what if no college gives me admission due to blindness as I was already refused by one due to my blindness (which resulted into getting a judgment against their denial before even I got my law admission done), I finally had three colleges to choose from. Gujarat National Law University (basis my score of Common Law Admission Test), Government Law College, Mumbai (GLC) and Indian Law Society’s Law College, Pune (ILS), both basis my percentage in 12thclass. GLC was bound to happen as Mumbai was my dream city, and dad had to wind up his business so that our sweet family can move here to educate me.


We settled everything new here. With me, there was a business man who even didn’t take a glass of water by himself, but was now enthusiastically committed to travel in the crowded local trains of Mumbai and wait in every weather on beaches to take me back home after finishing my college and all other activities I did, and a woman who had to bare a lot for bringing me into their life, to see their son educated and well settled. She stayed alone at home, without knowing neighbours, made the best possible meal to keep her family happy. 


The last brilliant thing which my parents herd while we were leaving for Mumbai that you are unnecessarily trying to dig water in desert. I am sorry to people who live in deserts without proper water facility, but unfortunately we as people feel good to give examples of people who lack something, just to convey that impact or to make ourselves feel good.


I had a lot of things going on in my mind at that point in time. The zeal to do something different just to prove it to others that I can make something meaningful out of my life, the pressure to perform because I did not want to fail, while fully motivated but slowly losing the confidence on my own self because of others’ reactions, and a lot more.


In my first year, English medium, with subjects like logical reasoning (remember? Limited edition of brains!), topics like writing of Shakespeare and Lord Denning / Macaulay, with the abled guidance from lecturers and support of friends, I got 71.85% in my first year. Without a proof, I was in top 20s of my batch.


How did this happen I don’t know, but what I know is that we travelled from Virar (60 KM train ride one way) every day, went back, I slept and there was a man who converted all printed books into a format which I could read by scanning and proof-reading it for avoiding the errors which OCR technology generated (which resulted him causing such a shoulder pain that there was a time when he could not move his hands back).


And then I use to wake up at nights, and I became a student who use to study 6 to 7 hours every single day, otherwise who wouldn’t have even set for more than an hour to study during school days! And when we had to do diploma courses and due to distance we did not get proper sleep, we used to sit in the same train post college, go till Virar, come back in the same train continuously sleeping, and yet fully fresh to attend all the diplomas which I did in my college days.


I was so brilliant at English, that I was once scolded very badly by dad for typing the spelling of river wrongly when I was converting Economics’ hand written notes at the speed of 10 words per minute on computer, in my first year. And this language troubled me a lot. The difference between ‘which’ and ‘witch’, when to use ‘ence’ or ‘ance’, and there are so many more. You know why did this happen?


The answer is that after 7th class, I had no Braille books to read. The only mode of my study was audio recorded cassettes, or verbally voiced out study material. At least I don’t know any decent way of learning spellings properly by listening to audio recorded stuff. And despite me trying hard to get Braille books printed for everyone, there was no Braille press to print books for only 10 students, as it was not profitable for them. And the second reason of this was my own lack of interest as I grew up listening to All India Radio (nothing can ever beat the cricket commentary of that because they describe every action happening on the field).


Back to college. While inaccessibility of academic content was very well taken care by my dad, but there were other challenges to crack.


The next problem was inaccessibility of legal portals and lack of availability of library content which I could read. Due to which I could not ever take part in moot courts.


One of the most commonly used portal by legal professionals, was completely inaccessible. And I was in my own world, writing to them that if you don’t make it accessible, we will go to United Nations claiming violation of Article 9 of Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, as there was no legal provision on digital accessibility in Indian law. But there was a case law called Vishakha vs. State of Rajasthan, where Supreme Court enforced international obligations. While that logic didn’t work, but with the help of another great friend, we got their contract terminated with one of the public sector entity for exactly this reason, and they had to make their database accessible!


I am also greatful to Rubina mam and Thomson Reuters which helped me access the expensive database called Westlaw which as an individual was certainly out of my reach due to pricing. That enabled me to read case laws. And later that opened up an opportunity of working as a Student Social Media Consultant and for making Westlaw as a favourite portal amongst students, where I along with my team under the guidance of Nageswar Sundram (extremely gentle man), started amazing projects like legal clinics, newsletter, and so on.


Then even better challenge was to find that someone who could write my exams. People who write exams for others are called ‘scribe’, or ‘writers’. Lengthy answers, Latin words, the inability to ask what was written last due to time constraints, the inability to make corrections on the go, it was proving to be a costly affair from results perspective.


This resulted me in being a person who could type more than 80 words per minute, and ultimately convince the university to allow me to write my own exams using computer and screen reader. I was in my third semester when I wrote my first exam on computer. I am, and I will always be grateful to Zareena mam for equipping me with the software so that I could write my exam scripts independently.


By now, I learnt web designing, because people were blogging a lot in those days, and I wanted to have my own “amarjain.com”, which in real world is called domain name! The very first page of our college’s placement committee’s website was designed by me with the help of other friends to make it visually presentable. That page changed later of course as it was not professionally looking well.


By my third year’s end, I was in top six of my batch. I did many courses along the lines, not to shine my CV, but to learn. The two of my favourites’ were diploma in Cyber Laws from Asian School of Cyber Laws (the only place which agreed to give me readable soft copies of the books), and post-graduate diploma in Securities Law (which was the first time I dealt with group discussion in life).


Now let’s talk about the billion dollar question, job! Who will give me, why will someone give me, and even if someone does it out of sympathy, then I will be kicked out in 90 days as private sector does not employ people with blindness-all of this I was told on my face! Because government job I never wanted to do, so there was no sense of security from that perspective.


When we entered into college, the only three options we knew of were (i) World Bank (I had no clue of what that bank did), (ii) ILO (I didn’t want to go there), and (iii) government job with full of security (I never wanted to go there because of mind-sets and this whole security around it. A decision which I do not and will never regret but is scary to sustain life with blindness if private sector refuses to sustain you with the set of challenges you face).


Then I got to interact with late Rahul Cherian, who worked tirelessly on getting the Copyrights Act amended for ensuring that published works and books are accessible to people with print disabilities. He introduced me to something called “law firm”. The only thing I knew, that if you want to be very knowledgeable and excellent professional, then go join this nomenclature called law firm.


While internships and law firms was I was always advised not to look at, but I knew that I have to become a valuable professional and law firms can make that happen. I got the right guidance and support, internships happened, and yes, I got that first law firm job too. 

Wow, what a feeling at home, because I got my offer letter from a reputed law firm, a dream cum true, which nobody thought could happen. But wait! There was more to come.


I was nominated by my blind school for district collector award, which I received on Independence Day in 2012. But in between, a disaster happened. My 8th semester’s result came, and I scored “0” in my Contracts-II paper. Yes, you read that right, a score of “0”, that too in my favourite subject! And this also meant that neither I could go for re-totalling of my answers, nor for re-valuation of my answers, because for that too you needed a minimum score of 16.


It resulted into material adverse effect on me mentally, and if by any chance this would have resulted into me being failed, then I would have lost my first job which I was about to join. And all of this put together could have resulted into material adverse change in my life.


But ever grateful to University of Mumbai for giving me my correct score, which was second highest in my batch in that subject.


Passed out with first class (which was difficult in University of Mumbai as even toppers could only reach till 67%), got a brilliant job and challenges over? I used to think so that the only thing in life is good education and good job. Rest is all sorted. 


But no. The more difficulties you try to solve, the more difficult it gets. But what keeps you going is your willingness to solve them, and support of people who become part of your journey.


Stay tuned for next article in this series to know the common challenges faced by legal professionals with blindness (only disclosing so much so that it does not harm anyone).


Disclaimer: I attribute every loss, liability, or anything which can harm anyone from these articles only to “my own self”. The only thing which anyone is allowed to take back from here is a “better mind-set” towards others which will be a profit for all.


I want to start by saying, there is only one thing which I can’t do, and possibly I will never be able to do, be it through any medical, natural or supernatural intervention. That one “can’t do” of my life is that I cannot see through my eyes, which in three word is called “I am blind”. 


I am not oversimplifying this functional limitation of my life, nor I want others to look at it as an inspiration, because “prerna kasoti ki zindagi pe khari nahi utarti”. All I am trying to convey is to be “differently abled” in the way we think.


I grew up in Jodhpur, Rajasthan (famous for its cultural heritage). Owing to this one “can’t do” of my life, I got an opportunity to study in a school where most of us could not see. And it is rightly called “blind school”.


During 90s, as most of blind people of India and at least regionally backword states were conventionally good at music, singing, teaching, so our school gave us an opportunity of learning that, and thereby giving us an opportunity to generate livelihood. Sports and technology at that point in time were at a nascent stage, and add to it was the linguistic barrier of studying in Hindi medium. While our school was adapting to these changes, but the pace of life and that adaptation perhaps never matched.


I wouldn’t say that society hated my existence, but definitely it was not something which was “good to have” or even “ok to have”. With whatever English I know, I was a “low hanging fruit” in people’s mind-sets.


My parents were cursed time and again for my blindness, they were questioned every single time for not finding any medical, natural or supernatural solution of my blindness, they were asked about their past sins for having me in life, but being parents, they did everything best possible which they could do at that point in time which enabled me to do what I want to do, and it is a struggle which I perhaps can never explain in words.


They are till date the single source of my strength and perhaps the only reason for whom I still want to exist in this world. At a stage where I am struggling to solve the real life struggles, they are the only people who motivate me, push me when I lack that push, and stand by me as a strong pillar of support. The only question which I struggle to find an answer for till date on this front is that “do my parents really deserve this despite being the excellent parents”? And I will leave it there.


I picked up the skills of singing, playing musical instruments, and even academically I was perfectly fine in the midst of people I grew up with. And there was a famous personality in Bollywood, Late Shree Ravindra Jain. People mistakably thought me to follow his footsteps.


Wherever I went in social circles, I was praised for my singing and music skills, and since I was anyways a “low hanging fruit”, I was never looked at like anyone else with those feelings to be an active child, or to even interact beyond a point, and so on. Somewhere that experience of life generated a hate within me, and I stopped singing and playing instruments. I stopped socialising much. And for doing this to my passion, the only person to be blamed is “myself”.


At an early stage when I refused to do self-study, my dad for once in lifetime slapped me hard, and said “go beg if you can’t do self-study, because begging due to blindness is the only thing you can do in life if you can’t study”. I picked up my self-steam from there. My skills of cycling in my long home and ability to do skating despite all fears, generated a sense of confidence in my parents. And a best combination of me and my parents through self-steam which is mine, and their confidence on me was created there.


Then there came this funny thing in life called “talking software”. A software that reads out what is written on computer screen using text-to-speech technology which is called a “screen reader” whose U.S. English accent I could barely understand back then. 


And when every single teacher refused to take up the challenge of teaching computer to a blind kid, the biggest contribution of my elder brother, who is a software engineer, to my life was to find out about a screen reader called Narrator, which existed in Windows XP for name sake to allow blind people to use computer in a limited way. There, I picked up another most important skill of my life, “being good at technology” through self-learnings and with support from unknown quarters.


The only thing then was understood in Rajasthan on the name of internet amongst the popular masses was “Yahoo!”. Then I learnt about an institute called the Hadley School for the Blind, U.S. That place offered many online courses in technology amongst other areas. That became my learning resource to a great extent.


I was fortunate enough to have got an opportunity from Score Foundation, an NGO working for information dissemination on areas impacting blindness, to teach computer to others on telephone. And that opportunity gave me the boost to deep dive in computers. All thanks to Pranay bhaiya for that trust and confidence.


As a child, while I did not honestly understand what blindness meant (till the time a few kids laughed at me while I was walking on road saying, “see, blind is going. Or for those like me, jinko Hindi mein feel aati hai, “dekh, andha jar aha hai, ha ha ha”. While I didn’t understand what it meant as I was just 5-6 years old, but what I understood that there is something which is different in me from these kids. And that was very well realised to me by others as well, whenever I used to attend any social gathering. But at the same time, as I was growing up, I had this zeal of proving others wrong about myself. And that became my single motivation.


Life moves on. I was in my 9th class, and we were thinking of different career options. Call it my luck, I enrolled for a course in personality development (part of a summer camp by Rajasthan Patrika, a leading newspaper).


It was my first opportunity of life, where I was surrounded by absolutely unknown students in 100s, who can do everything whatever they want too, and two excellent individuals and teachers, Sushil sir and Manish sir. I learnt about body language, grooming, enhanced my communication skills, punctuality and time management, goal setting, but most importantly what I picked up from there was “positive and broad attitude”.


This generated a zeal within me to do something different (hopefully for good of my life). I no longer wanted to explore any of the conventional career options.

My next love was technology, but computer engineering I could not take up as I did not have the prerequisite skills of being good at maths. Hotel management I could not take up as nobody knew how we will solve the cooking part of that course. Cutting the long story short, law was the best option to choose.


People questioned our decision. Nobody thought I could do law, nobody thought I will even get a job, and life came to a stage, where I was called a “burden” and a “liability” on my parents, by someone whom we were taught to treat as our close relative, because rishtedaarhi toh apno ke kaam aate hain. I was advised to take a drop for two years, pick up this foreign language called “English”, because otherwise I was sure to fail in my first year itself!


Here was me, scared, thinking to end my life if I fail because I would never be able to show my face to my parents, as they were the one who herd everyone’s flack for being my support system, everyone just withdrew all kind of support from them as if they have committed a sin by supporting me in my decision. And to top it all, I was denied admission by one of the law colleges, as I am “blind”, which later resulted into a judgment against them, hopefully for the benefit of other blind students who want to be future lawyers.


I got into my dream city (for my love of music, “har kisi ko nahi milta yahan pyaar zindagi mein” and the list is long!) called Mumbai by securing admission in the Government Law College. Want to know what happens next? Stay tuned to realise that I would get many such challenges to fail, which would allow others to have a “better start” if they have the zeal to do something in life, even though for this article, I am sure to fail in my first year itself for lack of good linguistic skills in English!

Dear Readers,

I am sure things are going great in life, and I also thank for the regular feedback of everyone, which keeps me motivated.
At my end too, life is going great, lots of action is done from my end in these 4 years, but now it is the recruiters who need to act! Lets hope for the best, fingers crossed!

Today, I was actually looking for a way through which I could create a spreadsheet from the emails received, and post the data from spreadsheet to facebook automatically, without uploading the spreadsheet.
The first part is easy as a webmaster, however still researching on how to post updates from spreadsheet to facebook!

This lead to an interesting search result, which is an application which looks like spreadsheet, but it is a functional version of one’s facebook and twitter accounts! The idea behind this application was that people who have long working hours, due to which the social life (which is now mostly on social networks) is dead, can be sociable while in office, irrespective of the facebook being blocked or not.

I like the idea, for the fact that you can enjoy your social life, although with that we need to keep our responsibilities and priorities in mind. And when we are in office, work must be the first priority. So, here is the link of the website, from which you can get that application!

Hardly Work

I hope, the post brings happiness on the faces of many. And you can let me know the same by commenting / giving your feedback in any manner!

Wishing a happy social life,
Amar Jain.
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Dear Readers,
First of all, thanks to all readers for regularly appreciating the content of this blog.
This time, we will deal with online debit card transactions with specific focus on India.
In India and perhaps worldwide, we have various kinds of cards like debit and credit cards. Further, they come with security protections like visa or mastro logos etc.
If you wish to make online payment using your debit or credit card, first register your card on your bank’s visa or mastro card registration portal.
If you are unsure about the registration page, then look at the universal site say in case of Visa, its Visa-Asia. And from their try to locate the specific registration page.
Recently in order to enhance card security for online transactions, RBI directed banks to implement extra authentication level for security. All banks have different things in place to do that, say in case of SBI, its your ATM PIN which is taken, in ICICI, they have something like password generator etc. The concept of OTP (One Time Password) is also implemented by some banks.
At times we are faced with a situation wherein we have some urgent payment or bill to be paid, but can’t do so because our bank’s debit card payment gateway is not available due to technical reasons. Sometimes we even don’t have the option of paying offline.
The simple solution, but not known:
If your card is VISA / Mastro, then simply select any other bank’s gateway, enter the details, and proceed to verify by visa or mastro payer authentication portal!
Just enter your password and see your personal assurance messege to insure that you are landed up on right page, and complete the transaction in just few seconds!
Attention: 1. Exercise your judgement while applying this solution, its based on my personal experience, so I undertake no responsibility of any mishap / wrong transaction though it is unlikely to occur.
2. The intention is not to violate banking channels, its just a way to deal with a situation where you have no other option.
3. So far this has been tested by me on indian merchant sites, and has been found as a good option.
4. Make sure that the other bank doesn’t have anything like extra charge or internet charge on card transactions, which will be shown to you at the time when the portal asks card details. So far, I have made few payments, but have not been charged anything extra.
Happy Paying!

Dear Readers,
A very happy 2011 to all!
Due to tiring schedule and time constraints, I was lacking in research, hence, was unable to post for such a long time.
But it is my assurance that the content of my post will be new or unique, though frequency of postings might be less.
Gone those days where we communicated through letters. It is the time of electronic mails.
But as things became easier with our communication, few problems became more severe than ever. One of them is “Spam”.
But as said, “where there is a problem, there is a solution”.
In this case, Boxbe comes as a solution.
Boxbe is a free service, which manages your list of approved contacts, so that you don’t receive unwanted email communications.
What makes it the best, is that if someone unknown sender sends you an email, it will be sent to you only after captcha verification, so that spammers don’t trouble you.
If someone doesn’t verify his authenticity, then it also keeps those emails in its waiting list, and you are given options of adding that contact; domain; or such emails can be approved by you.
It directly integrates with most email providers like Yahoo, Gmail, Google Apps etc. And it also provides you an email at boxbe, which can be used on public forums, social networking sites, etc.
It has also its own ranking system, which ranks the emails between the scale of 1 to 10, thereby gives you an idea that whether the email is spam or not.
It also lets you receive emails from the contacts of your friends.
It also gives you customisable widget, which can be used on blogs, forums etc.
It has lot more features, so its worth going and exploring it.
so go ahead and explore it:
As always, your feedback is anxiously awaited.
Amar Jain.
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Are you angry at me since I have not posted from a long time?
Oh, I understand. But friends, believe me my this semester was and will be worst of all. The only reason behind this that I was dam unhealthy during this sem. This sem was full of hurdles. But I believe in “Hurdle is the key to success”.
No matters how many problems came in my way at every step in these six months, but I kept fighting with them, and now I am free from all worries.
I told you that though my postings may be less, but whatever I will post, is unique and not easy to find. No proud about that, but it is my promiss with my friends to provide them good quality postings.
Now lets keep chit chat in one side and lets come to main point.
Today I believe lless than 1% computer users would be there who are not using pen drive. And everyone of us carry his or her pen drive wherever we go.
In many situations, our pen drives get infected with some nasty viruses because of public computers, and these viruses are hard to find and delete. Sometimes these viruses lead to data loss also. So, what is the solution?
No antivirus can give you 100% protection. Then what do we do?
You have come to the right point! That’s exactly what we are going to talk about.
Well, the best solution for this is to create a dummy file.
Didn’t understand also!
Ok, I am here to help you. Now think when any virus can infect your pen drive? Its easy.. When there is space for the virus to come.
What if we fill complete free space of pen drive?
Great, then no place for virus to enter!
Roasy picture of mind?
No, no! Then how do you fill the space.
Ok, that’s where the dummy word comes.
What we do is that we create a dummy file which makes system understand that this pen drive is full and there is no free space left. Means, no place for virus.
Wonderful, what a thought! But how do you create that file?
1. Look for the free space available in your pen drive by going to the My Computer>Pen Drive’s Properties.
Say, you have 123 KBs left.
2. Now go to command prompt. And type the following:
fsutil file createnew X:\FileName 123
And now hit enter.
Let me divide this into small pieces.
A: fsutil (Function)
B: File (category)
C: createnew (Command for creating new file)
D: X:\FileName (X is the letter of pen drive in this example, it may be different in your case and the words after ‘\’ symbol is the file’s name You can give any name).
E: 123 (The free space available in pen drive. In this example it was 123 KBs it may be diffeerent in your case). Remember that you can enter the free space only in KBs.
If you did all perfectly, then you must have seen the message ‘X:\FileName is created’.
We are done! Now, you can plug your pen drive on any computer without thinking about virus infection.
Now whenever you have to copy something new in your pen drive, just delete the old dummy file so that you can use your free space, and when done, create the dummy file again with the remaining free space.
Ok friends, bye for now. Please provide your feedback about this post and I will post new things accordingly.
Don’t forget, your feedback is very important for me as this encourages me and reforms me if I am mistaken anyware.
Take a very good care of your self.
Amar Jain.
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Hello Friends,

Hope you all are enjoying good rainy season with good health.
Actually last week I couldn’t post since my result was to be announced and it was getting delayed again and again. So I was bit upset.

Anyways, now all is fine and my college is starting from this Monday.

Now lets come to the point.

I use two browsers.

Internet Explorer,

And I think most of us are using the same browsers for all tasks.
But have you ever realized that few pages work better with firefox and few works well with internet explorer?

This behaviour becomes more troublesome sometimes. Because, we are working in internet explorer and some specific sites or pages say that they work better with firefox.

Let’s think from a visually impaired person’s point of view. Suppose a person is using screen reader, and browsing a website. Now he wishes to create account on some site and he realize that it has got captcha.
“Captcha”, a security code which needs to be entered in any site generally for registrations, which insures that a human being is registering and it is not a spam.
Now the difficulty arises when there is captcha, and no alternative for a visually impaired user such as “audio captcha”. So, that person has two options:

First is to seek some help of sighted person for reading captcha, since a screen reader does not read immages.
And second is to open that page in firefox, because firefox has got some extentions for solving captchas like

Even we sometimes want to open a particular page in firefox say when we are listening songs from streeming sites, so that we can save it using firefox. So, what we generally do is to copy the link, open the firefox browser, and then paste it. Which is really annoying job.

So while browsing few days back, I found few extentions which create entry in your internet explorer context menu, so that we can open any link in firefox using the internet explorer’s context menu| open in firefox option.

As you all know, I really hate installing programmes for such small things. I always try to find the manual way to do the same task which any program does. Because firstly downloading, installing etc, is time consuming and secondly it uses your harddisk space.

So looking for the solution for the above problem, I found various posts on net which provided javascripts and registry keys to create an entry in context menu. Finally after bit of research, I figured out the solution.

Firstly, let me tell you that for adding anything in internet explorer, the best way is to put a html file and to create a registry key for that.

So the method which I am describing below does the same. If you don’t know editing registry or creating html file, then either carefully follow these steps, or look for some extentions.

But please note, once your attention is lost, everything is lost! So, please be careful and follow the steps properly. I shall not take any responsibility if your computer gets damaged. But remember, “No Risk, No Game!”

Lets get started:

1. Open notepad. Go to run and type notepad .

2. Copy and paste the following code inside the body element of your html document. Or simply, click the “copy to clipboard” link given below, and paste it into notepad.
You will have to click on allow for the code to get coppied in your clipboard.
Do not modify unless you are an expert.

<script language="javascript">
var gsNO_WCRIPT_ERROR='This requires the Windows Scripting Host, which is not installed on your System.\n'+
                      'You may download the Windows Scripting host from \n'+
                      'http://msdn.microsoft.com/scripting .'

var win = external.menuArguments;
var sFile;
var element = win.document.activeElement;
if (element.href)

  var WshShell = new ActiveXObject("WScript.Shell");
  var sFDPath = 'C:\\Program Files\\Mozilla Firefox\\firefox.exe';
  var oExec = WshShell.run('"' + sFDPath + '" "' + sFile + '"', 2);

3. Once you are done, save the file as fopen.html

*Please remember the location of the file!

4. Now be careful since we are going to edit registry.

Go to Start>Run,
And type
And press enter.

Now navigate to:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MenuExt.

Now go to Edit menu, New submenu and create a new key.

(Alt+E, N, K).

In the edit box, put the name open in firefox
And hit enter.

Now in the right pain yu will see “(Default) Reg_SZ (value not set).

Keyboard users, for going to right pain press tab. You will find list view, where by pressing down arrow key, you can see the above key.

Simply hit enter,
And give the location of that html file which we created just now. E.g., c:\documents and settings\user\my documents\fopen.html

Once you hit enter after typing the location, close the registry editor. And restart your internet explorer.

Now go to any link or anything in IE, press right click or application key, and see the “open in firefox” option in your context menu, hit enter and there you go!

See, today we saved more then four keystrokes or mouse clicks!

Enjoy using this trick and if like a lot, then please give me your feedback by using comments section.

Wish you a nice week and good health.

Stay Tuned,

Amar Jain.

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