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Many of us hate the free hosting services since they add their website’s name after our domain. But now, here is a free and best solution for this problem!

Register yourself with http://www.co.cc, and get a new domain.

Now, your website’s name will be “your domain.co.cc”.

When registered your domain, use URL Hiding /Path Forwarding settings to enter the address of your original site or blog. Submit title, address, keywords, discription and choose URL hiding from combo box and save. Wait for 48 hours maximum. Till then, we will get a free email for our domain!

Sign up with google apps by going to

Verify your domain by choosing CNAME method, and click on activate link found below the heading of services/email. Wait for an hour or so for google to activate your service.

For example, you can open my blog by visiting:


And, you can drop me an email@:


Enjoy! Will write after coming back to Mumbai. Till then, take care.


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First of all let me thank all for their great feedback and suggestions for my blog.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you want to insert the signs like “Copyright” etc, but either the application does not allow you to do so, or you have to do some graphical work for this? If you think ‘yes’, then this post is worth reading for you!
Today I will tell you some key combinations which will allow you to insert these signs very quickly.

Before inserting these symbols, let us first understand for what purpose we use which sign. If you are authorize to use these symbols, then only use otherwise you may be infringing international as well as your country’s laws!


©: What is Covered by Copyright?
As with all fields of intellectual property copyright is concerned with
protecting the work of the human intellect. The domain of copyright is the
protection of literary and artistic works. These include writings, music, and works
of the fine arts, such as paintings and sculptures, and technology-based works
such as computer programs and electronic databases.
Note that copyright protects works, that is the expression of thoughts, and not


So, if you are sure that you can use this symbol, and have decided to insert this symbol, then:

1. Make sure that num lock is on.
2. Press and hold alt key.
3. Now press 0 1 6 9 and release the alt key. And there you go!
Please note, that we are using num pad’s keys!


™: “A trademark is a sign that individualizes the goods of a given enterprise
and distinguishes them from the goods of its competitors”


Now let us insert ™:

1. Make sure num lock is on.
2. Press and hold alt key.
3. Now press 0 1 5 3 and release alt key. Bingo!

Again note, we are using num pad’s keys.


Finally, let us insert registered symbol:

1. Make sure num lock is on.
2. Press and hold alt key.
3. Now press 0 1 7 4 and release alt key. Take a deep breath, and have a look!

Don’t forget, we are using num pad!


These key combinations can really save our precious time and several mouse clicks! If so, then please drop your feedback with your useful suggestions in comments section.

I will post less, but will post selected things.

Take care and stay tuned.


Amar Jain.

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Hi Friends,

My name is Amar Jain, and I warmly welcome my dear readers to my first blog’s first post.
Actually if we go to see, then every person wants to share his feelings, thoughts, various other emotions and knowledge with someone. But I do not wish to keep myself restricted to one person. So, I started this blog to create good, healthy and friendly relations with as many people as I can.
Friends, I am not good at writing, and if you read my introduction, then you will find that I am very talkative person. And a talkative person specially like me can not be a writer! 🙂
So please excuse me for writing errors.

Right now, I will not write too much. But if you wish to know about me, then please visit

About Me And My Blog!

Hope you will find this blog useful and interesting.

Take care and have a nice day!


Amar Jain.

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