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Hello Friends,

Hope you all are enjoying good rainy season with good health.
Actually last week I couldn’t post since my result was to be announced and it was getting delayed again and again. So I was bit upset.

Anyways, now all is fine and my college is starting from this Monday.

Now lets come to the point.

I use two browsers.

Internet Explorer,

And I think most of us are using the same browsers for all tasks.
But have you ever realized that few pages work better with firefox and few works well with internet explorer?

This behaviour becomes more troublesome sometimes. Because, we are working in internet explorer and some specific sites or pages say that they work better with firefox.

Let’s think from a visually impaired person’s point of view. Suppose a person is using screen reader, and browsing a website. Now he wishes to create account on some site and he realize that it has got captcha.
“Captcha”, a security code which needs to be entered in any site generally for registrations, which insures that a human being is registering and it is not a spam.
Now the difficulty arises when there is captcha, and no alternative for a visually impaired user such as “audio captcha”. So, that person has two options:

First is to seek some help of sighted person for reading captcha, since a screen reader does not read immages.
And second is to open that page in firefox, because firefox has got some extentions for solving captchas like

Even we sometimes want to open a particular page in firefox say when we are listening songs from streeming sites, so that we can save it using firefox. So, what we generally do is to copy the link, open the firefox browser, and then paste it. Which is really annoying job.

So while browsing few days back, I found few extentions which create entry in your internet explorer context menu, so that we can open any link in firefox using the internet explorer’s context menu| open in firefox option.

As you all know, I really hate installing programmes for such small things. I always try to find the manual way to do the same task which any program does. Because firstly downloading, installing etc, is time consuming and secondly it uses your harddisk space.

So looking for the solution for the above problem, I found various posts on net which provided javascripts and registry keys to create an entry in context menu. Finally after bit of research, I figured out the solution.

Firstly, let me tell you that for adding anything in internet explorer, the best way is to put a html file and to create a registry key for that.

So the method which I am describing below does the same. If you don’t know editing registry or creating html file, then either carefully follow these steps, or look for some extentions.

But please note, once your attention is lost, everything is lost! So, please be careful and follow the steps properly. I shall not take any responsibility if your computer gets damaged. But remember, “No Risk, No Game!”

Lets get started:

1. Open notepad. Go to run and type notepad .

2. Copy and paste the following code inside the body element of your html document. Or simply, click the “copy to clipboard” link given below, and paste it into notepad.
You will have to click on allow for the code to get coppied in your clipboard.
Do not modify unless you are an expert.

<script language="javascript">
var gsNO_WCRIPT_ERROR='This requires the Windows Scripting Host, which is not installed on your System.\n'+
                      'You may download the Windows Scripting host from \n'+
                      'http://msdn.microsoft.com/scripting .'

var win = external.menuArguments;
var sFile;
var element = win.document.activeElement;
if (element.href)

  var WshShell = new ActiveXObject("WScript.Shell");
  var sFDPath = 'C:\\Program Files\\Mozilla Firefox\\firefox.exe';
  var oExec = WshShell.run('"' + sFDPath + '" "' + sFile + '"', 2);

3. Once you are done, save the file as fopen.html

*Please remember the location of the file!

4. Now be careful since we are going to edit registry.

Go to Start>Run,
And type
And press enter.

Now navigate to:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MenuExt.

Now go to Edit menu, New submenu and create a new key.

(Alt+E, N, K).

In the edit box, put the name open in firefox
And hit enter.

Now in the right pain yu will see “(Default) Reg_SZ (value not set).

Keyboard users, for going to right pain press tab. You will find list view, where by pressing down arrow key, you can see the above key.

Simply hit enter,
And give the location of that html file which we created just now. E.g., c:\documents and settings\user\my documents\fopen.html

Once you hit enter after typing the location, close the registry editor. And restart your internet explorer.

Now go to any link or anything in IE, press right click or application key, and see the “open in firefox” option in your context menu, hit enter and there you go!

See, today we saved more then four keystrokes or mouse clicks!

Enjoy using this trick and if like a lot, then please give me your feedback by using comments section.

Wish you a nice week and good health.

Stay Tuned,

Amar Jain.

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Hello Friends,

Warm welcome again after a long time.

Today’s post may be interesting for all those who listen / see their favorite song or video on websites, and wish that they could keep it in their PCs forever. So that it could be seen anytime without an internet connection!
So friends, say good bye to old downloading fashion and just copy and paste!

There is something called “Cache” or “Internet Temporary Files”, which stores the data of the websites which we visit.

For example if you visit youtube.com to see your favorite video, our computer stores some of the information about this site in the “cache” or “Internet Temporary Files” folder. As the name suggests, once you clean it or once you close your browser, all your stored data of this folder is deleted.

We often hear the term “Cookies”, which is stored in our cache folder by some websites.

Now when you listen any audio or see any video, most of the websites store a file of that audio or video in your browser’s cache. So basically what we are going to do is that we are going to copy that file from our browser’s cache.

For example the sites like
Music India Online,

stores the data in the cache folder.

Before I go on telling the main method, let me make it clear that most of the times this method works perfectly fine but sometimes it is possible that this method doesn’t work. Please also note, that I am not promoting any illegal use of this trick, this is for educational purposes only. And should not be used for illegal activities.
And if you use it for illegal activity, then I shall not be held lible for that.

Now lets get started:

1. Open your favorite site like esnips or youtube etc.
2. Search for your desired video or audio song.
3. Play your video or song completely.
4. Till then, if you use Internet Explorer, then go to:

Tools>Internet Options.

On the general tab, click on delete files… or delete history… button.
Note that the name of exact option depends on your version of the browser.

For the same cleaning, you can use a most popular utility known as “C Cleaner” or “Crap Cleaner”, which can be found

Your temporary internet files folder should be cleaned before your file gets stop playing.

5. Make sure your internet temporary files folder is clean, you have not closed your browser, and your file is completely stopped playing.

Even when your file completely gets stopped playing, wait for 2 3 seconds to get it completely finished loading.

6. And as a final step, go to:

Tools>Internet Options>Temporary files and History Settings, and click on View Internet Temporary Files Folder.

Now look for the file which has some audio or video extention. Like .mp3, .wma, .flv etc.

If you have cleaned your folder just before your file stopped playing, then you will find your file with the extention at the end.

For example, Esnips.com stores the audio files as “file88.mp3”, and it stores video files as “video[1].flv” etc.

Whereas youtube stores as “Video?”.

Smashits stores as “ppl…. .mp3”.

Music India Online stores with the extention “.wma” and “.mp3”.

Once you have reached to your file, simply copy and paste it into desired location.

That’s all, you can enjoy your favorite stuff at anytime!

*Important Points:

1. If you are unable to locate your file, then you can also use the search function of windows.
2. This trick does not work on raga.com, dishant.com etc. As they store all files in real media or “.rm” format, which does not use the cache folder to store data. For that, you may use downloaders untill I get some trick for that.

3. If you are not able to go in tools>Internet Options or you are not able to do a right click on the same window, then open another window of the same browser and follow the options as described above. Do not close the main window where the file is getting played.

This trick looks bit difficult to be followed, but trust me, once you get use to of it, then it will become a handy trick!

Please leave your questions/feedback in comments section.


Amar Jain.

website: amarjain.com

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Hello Friends,

Hope you all are rocking!

Friends, internet has got huge information which is stored on many websites.
So in such a situation, how one can keep his eye on all websites? To simplify, how one can check updates to his or her favorite website?
Though there are various options to keep updated yourself like RSS, email notifications etc. But still some websites neither offers RSS, and nor does it offer email subscription.
If you feel yourself to be stucked in the same situation, then here are your solutions!

There are various services and extensions which can do this website monitoring job for you. But it is my bad habbit that I don’t like to install anything for any work if it can be done in other ways.
So, I am going to name few services which can be used.

Change Detection.
is one of those services, which sends you an email whenever there is any change on your favorite website.
It checks for your favorite pages usually twice in a day.
Just enter page address, email address, and that’s all.

The another great service which I found is called:
Follow That Page,
which does the same job what change detection does, but it checks 100 pages per day. This is still in testing stage.
If you want more information about both services, I recommend to see “FAQ” of both services.
So, what are you waiting for?
Choose the right service for you and forget about getting updates for your favorite website manually!

Please visit:

Follow That Page.com

Stay tuned for more cool tips!


Amar Jain.

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