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Dear Readers,
First of all, thanks to all readers for regularly appreciating the content of this blog.
This time, we will deal with online debit card transactions with specific focus on India.
In India and perhaps worldwide, we have various kinds of cards like debit and credit cards. Further, they come with security protections like visa or mastro logos etc.
If you wish to make online payment using your debit or credit card, first register your card on your bank’s visa or mastro card registration portal.
If you are unsure about the registration page, then look at the universal site say in case of Visa, its Visa-Asia. And from their try to locate the specific registration page.
Recently in order to enhance card security for online transactions, RBI directed banks to implement extra authentication level for security. All banks have different things in place to do that, say in case of SBI, its your ATM PIN which is taken, in ICICI, they have something like password generator etc. The concept of OTP (One Time Password) is also implemented by some banks.
At times we are faced with a situation wherein we have some urgent payment or bill to be paid, but can’t do so because our bank’s debit card payment gateway is not available due to technical reasons. Sometimes we even don’t have the option of paying offline.
The simple solution, but not known:
If your card is VISA / Mastro, then simply select any other bank’s gateway, enter the details, and proceed to verify by visa or mastro payer authentication portal!
Just enter your password and see your personal assurance messege to insure that you are landed up on right page, and complete the transaction in just few seconds!
Attention: 1. Exercise your judgement while applying this solution, its based on my personal experience, so I undertake no responsibility of any mishap / wrong transaction though it is unlikely to occur.
2. The intention is not to violate banking channels, its just a way to deal with a situation where you have no other option.
3. So far this has been tested by me on indian merchant sites, and has been found as a good option.
4. Make sure that the other bank doesn’t have anything like extra charge or internet charge on card transactions, which will be shown to you at the time when the portal asks card details. So far, I have made few payments, but have not been charged anything extra.
Happy Paying!


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Tired of spam? Use Boxbe!

Dear Readers,
A very happy 2011 to all!
Due to tiring schedule and time constraints, I was lacking in research, hence, was unable to post for such a long time.
But it is my assurance that the content of my post will be new or unique, though frequency of postings might be less.
Gone those days where we communicated through letters. It is the time of electronic mails.
But as things became easier with our communication, few problems became more severe than ever. One of them is “Spam”.
But as said, “where there is a problem, there is a solution”.
In this case, Boxbe comes as a solution.
Boxbe is a free service, which manages your list of approved contacts, so that you don’t receive unwanted email communications.
What makes it the best, is that if someone unknown sender sends you an email, it will be sent to you only after captcha verification, so that spammers don’t trouble you.
If someone doesn’t verify his authenticity, then it also keeps those emails in its waiting list, and you are given options of adding that contact; domain; or such emails can be approved by you.
It directly integrates with most email providers like Yahoo, Gmail, Google Apps etc. And it also provides you an email at boxbe, which can be used on public forums, social networking sites, etc.
It has also its own ranking system, which ranks the emails between the scale of 1 to 10, thereby gives you an idea that whether the email is spam or not.
It also lets you receive emails from the contacts of your friends.
It also gives you customisable widget, which can be used on blogs, forums etc.
It has lot more features, so its worth going and exploring it.
so go ahead and explore it:
As always, your feedback is anxiously awaited.
Amar Jain.
Website: www.amarjain.com

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Are you angry at me since I have not posted from a long time?
Oh, I understand. But friends, believe me my this semester was and will be worst of all. The only reason behind this that I was dam unhealthy during this sem. This sem was full of hurdles. But I believe in “Hurdle is the key to success”.
No matters how many problems came in my way at every step in these six months, but I kept fighting with them, and now I am free from all worries.
I told you that though my postings may be less, but whatever I will post, is unique and not easy to find. No proud about that, but it is my promiss with my friends to provide them good quality postings.
Now lets keep chit chat in one side and lets come to main point.
Today I believe lless than 1% computer users would be there who are not using pen drive. And everyone of us carry his or her pen drive wherever we go.
In many situations, our pen drives get infected with some nasty viruses because of public computers, and these viruses are hard to find and delete. Sometimes these viruses lead to data loss also. So, what is the solution?
No antivirus can give you 100% protection. Then what do we do?
You have come to the right point! That’s exactly what we are going to talk about.
Well, the best solution for this is to create a dummy file.
Didn’t understand also!
Ok, I am here to help you. Now think when any virus can infect your pen drive? Its easy.. When there is space for the virus to come.
What if we fill complete free space of pen drive?
Great, then no place for virus to enter!
Roasy picture of mind?
No, no! Then how do you fill the space.
Ok, that’s where the dummy word comes.
What we do is that we create a dummy file which makes system understand that this pen drive is full and there is no free space left. Means, no place for virus.
Wonderful, what a thought! But how do you create that file?
1. Look for the free space available in your pen drive by going to the My Computer>Pen Drive’s Properties.
Say, you have 123 KBs left.
2. Now go to command prompt. And type the following:
fsutil file createnew X:\FileName 123
And now hit enter.
Let me divide this into small pieces.
A: fsutil (Function)
B: File (category)
C: createnew (Command for creating new file)
D: X:\FileName (X is the letter of pen drive in this example, it may be different in your case and the words after ‘\’ symbol is the file’s name You can give any name).
E: 123 (The free space available in pen drive. In this example it was 123 KBs it may be diffeerent in your case). Remember that you can enter the free space only in KBs.
If you did all perfectly, then you must have seen the message ‘X:\FileName is created’.
We are done! Now, you can plug your pen drive on any computer without thinking about virus infection.
Now whenever you have to copy something new in your pen drive, just delete the old dummy file so that you can use your free space, and when done, create the dummy file again with the remaining free space.
Ok friends, bye for now. Please provide your feedback about this post and I will post new things accordingly.
Don’t forget, your feedback is very important for me as this encourages me and reforms me if I am mistaken anyware.
Take a very good care of your self.
Amar Jain.
Website: www.amarjain.com

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Hello Friends,

Hope you all are enjoying good rainy season with good health.
Actually last week I couldn’t post since my result was to be announced and it was getting delayed again and again. So I was bit upset.

Anyways, now all is fine and my college is starting from this Monday.

Now lets come to the point.

I use two browsers.

Internet Explorer,

And I think most of us are using the same browsers for all tasks.
But have you ever realized that few pages work better with firefox and few works well with internet explorer?

This behaviour becomes more troublesome sometimes. Because, we are working in internet explorer and some specific sites or pages say that they work better with firefox.

Let’s think from a visually impaired person’s point of view. Suppose a person is using screen reader, and browsing a website. Now he wishes to create account on some site and he realize that it has got captcha.
“Captcha”, a security code which needs to be entered in any site generally for registrations, which insures that a human being is registering and it is not a spam.
Now the difficulty arises when there is captcha, and no alternative for a visually impaired user such as “audio captcha”. So, that person has two options:

First is to seek some help of sighted person for reading captcha, since a screen reader does not read immages.
And second is to open that page in firefox, because firefox has got some extentions for solving captchas like

Even we sometimes want to open a particular page in firefox say when we are listening songs from streeming sites, so that we can save it using firefox. So, what we generally do is to copy the link, open the firefox browser, and then paste it. Which is really annoying job.

So while browsing few days back, I found few extentions which create entry in your internet explorer context menu, so that we can open any link in firefox using the internet explorer’s context menu| open in firefox option.

As you all know, I really hate installing programmes for such small things. I always try to find the manual way to do the same task which any program does. Because firstly downloading, installing etc, is time consuming and secondly it uses your harddisk space.

So looking for the solution for the above problem, I found various posts on net which provided javascripts and registry keys to create an entry in context menu. Finally after bit of research, I figured out the solution.

Firstly, let me tell you that for adding anything in internet explorer, the best way is to put a html file and to create a registry key for that.

So the method which I am describing below does the same. If you don’t know editing registry or creating html file, then either carefully follow these steps, or look for some extentions.

But please note, once your attention is lost, everything is lost! So, please be careful and follow the steps properly. I shall not take any responsibility if your computer gets damaged. But remember, “No Risk, No Game!”

Lets get started:

1. Open notepad. Go to run and type notepad .

2. Copy and paste the following code inside the body element of your html document. Or simply, click the “copy to clipboard” link given below, and paste it into notepad.
You will have to click on allow for the code to get coppied in your clipboard.
Do not modify unless you are an expert.

<script language="javascript">
var gsNO_WCRIPT_ERROR='This requires the Windows Scripting Host, which is not installed on your System.\n'+
                      'You may download the Windows Scripting host from \n'+
                      'http://msdn.microsoft.com/scripting .'

var win = external.menuArguments;
var sFile;
var element = win.document.activeElement;
if (element.href)

  var WshShell = new ActiveXObject("WScript.Shell");
  var sFDPath = 'C:\\Program Files\\Mozilla Firefox\\firefox.exe';
  var oExec = WshShell.run('"' + sFDPath + '" "' + sFile + '"', 2);

3. Once you are done, save the file as fopen.html

*Please remember the location of the file!

4. Now be careful since we are going to edit registry.

Go to Start>Run,
And type
And press enter.

Now navigate to:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MenuExt.

Now go to Edit menu, New submenu and create a new key.

(Alt+E, N, K).

In the edit box, put the name open in firefox
And hit enter.

Now in the right pain yu will see “(Default) Reg_SZ (value not set).

Keyboard users, for going to right pain press tab. You will find list view, where by pressing down arrow key, you can see the above key.

Simply hit enter,
And give the location of that html file which we created just now. E.g., c:\documents and settings\user\my documents\fopen.html

Once you hit enter after typing the location, close the registry editor. And restart your internet explorer.

Now go to any link or anything in IE, press right click or application key, and see the “open in firefox” option in your context menu, hit enter and there you go!

See, today we saved more then four keystrokes or mouse clicks!

Enjoy using this trick and if like a lot, then please give me your feedback by using comments section.

Wish you a nice week and good health.

Stay Tuned,

Amar Jain.

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