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Dear Readers,
First of all, thanks to all readers for regularly appreciating the content of this blog.
This time, we will deal with online debit card transactions with specific focus on India.
In India and perhaps worldwide, we have various kinds of cards like debit and credit cards. Further, they come with security protections like visa or mastro logos etc.
If you wish to make online payment using your debit or credit card, first register your card on your bank’s visa or mastro card registration portal.
If you are unsure about the registration page, then look at the universal site say in case of Visa, its Visa-Asia. And from their try to locate the specific registration page.
Recently in order to enhance card security for online transactions, RBI directed banks to implement extra authentication level for security. All banks have different things in place to do that, say in case of SBI, its your ATM PIN which is taken, in ICICI, they have something like password generator etc. The concept of OTP (One Time Password) is also implemented by some banks.
At times we are faced with a situation wherein we have some urgent payment or bill to be paid, but can’t do so because our bank’s debit card payment gateway is not available due to technical reasons. Sometimes we even don’t have the option of paying offline.
The simple solution, but not known:
If your card is VISA / Mastro, then simply select any other bank’s gateway, enter the details, and proceed to verify by visa or mastro payer authentication portal!
Just enter your password and see your personal assurance messege to insure that you are landed up on right page, and complete the transaction in just few seconds!
Attention: 1. Exercise your judgement while applying this solution, its based on my personal experience, so I undertake no responsibility of any mishap / wrong transaction though it is unlikely to occur.
2. The intention is not to violate banking channels, its just a way to deal with a situation where you have no other option.
3. So far this has been tested by me on indian merchant sites, and has been found as a good option.
4. Make sure that the other bank doesn’t have anything like extra charge or internet charge on card transactions, which will be shown to you at the time when the portal asks card details. So far, I have made few payments, but have not been charged anything extra.
Happy Paying!


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