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Tired of spam? Use Boxbe!

Dear Readers,
A very happy 2011 to all!
Due to tiring schedule and time constraints, I was lacking in research, hence, was unable to post for such a long time.
But it is my assurance that the content of my post will be new or unique, though frequency of postings might be less.
Gone those days where we communicated through letters. It is the time of electronic mails.
But as things became easier with our communication, few problems became more severe than ever. One of them is “Spam”.
But as said, “where there is a problem, there is a solution”.
In this case, Boxbe comes as a solution.
Boxbe is a free service, which manages your list of approved contacts, so that you don’t receive unwanted email communications.
What makes it the best, is that if someone unknown sender sends you an email, it will be sent to you only after captcha verification, so that spammers don’t trouble you.
If someone doesn’t verify his authenticity, then it also keeps those emails in its waiting list, and you are given options of adding that contact; domain; or such emails can be approved by you.
It directly integrates with most email providers like Yahoo, Gmail, Google Apps etc. And it also provides you an email at boxbe, which can be used on public forums, social networking sites, etc.
It has also its own ranking system, which ranks the emails between the scale of 1 to 10, thereby gives you an idea that whether the email is spam or not.
It also lets you receive emails from the contacts of your friends.
It also gives you customisable widget, which can be used on blogs, forums etc.
It has lot more features, so its worth going and exploring it.
so go ahead and explore it:
As always, your feedback is anxiously awaited.
Amar Jain.
Website: www.amarjain.com


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Are you angry at me since I have not posted from a long time?
Oh, I understand. But friends, believe me my this semester was and will be worst of all. The only reason behind this that I was dam unhealthy during this sem. This sem was full of hurdles. But I believe in “Hurdle is the key to success”.
No matters how many problems came in my way at every step in these six months, but I kept fighting with them, and now I am free from all worries.
I told you that though my postings may be less, but whatever I will post, is unique and not easy to find. No proud about that, but it is my promiss with my friends to provide them good quality postings.
Now lets keep chit chat in one side and lets come to main point.
Today I believe lless than 1% computer users would be there who are not using pen drive. And everyone of us carry his or her pen drive wherever we go.
In many situations, our pen drives get infected with some nasty viruses because of public computers, and these viruses are hard to find and delete. Sometimes these viruses lead to data loss also. So, what is the solution?
No antivirus can give you 100% protection. Then what do we do?
You have come to the right point! That’s exactly what we are going to talk about.
Well, the best solution for this is to create a dummy file.
Didn’t understand also!
Ok, I am here to help you. Now think when any virus can infect your pen drive? Its easy.. When there is space for the virus to come.
What if we fill complete free space of pen drive?
Great, then no place for virus to enter!
Roasy picture of mind?
No, no! Then how do you fill the space.
Ok, that’s where the dummy word comes.
What we do is that we create a dummy file which makes system understand that this pen drive is full and there is no free space left. Means, no place for virus.
Wonderful, what a thought! But how do you create that file?
1. Look for the free space available in your pen drive by going to the My Computer>Pen Drive’s Properties.
Say, you have 123 KBs left.
2. Now go to command prompt. And type the following:
fsutil file createnew X:\FileName 123
And now hit enter.
Let me divide this into small pieces.
A: fsutil (Function)
B: File (category)
C: createnew (Command for creating new file)
D: X:\FileName (X is the letter of pen drive in this example, it may be different in your case and the words after ‘\’ symbol is the file’s name You can give any name).
E: 123 (The free space available in pen drive. In this example it was 123 KBs it may be diffeerent in your case). Remember that you can enter the free space only in KBs.
If you did all perfectly, then you must have seen the message ‘X:\FileName is created’.
We are done! Now, you can plug your pen drive on any computer without thinking about virus infection.
Now whenever you have to copy something new in your pen drive, just delete the old dummy file so that you can use your free space, and when done, create the dummy file again with the remaining free space.
Ok friends, bye for now. Please provide your feedback about this post and I will post new things accordingly.
Don’t forget, your feedback is very important for me as this encourages me and reforms me if I am mistaken anyware.
Take a very good care of your self.
Amar Jain.
Website: www.amarjain.com

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