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Friends, internet has got huge information which is stored on many websites.
So in such a situation, how one can keep his eye on all websites? To simplify, how one can check updates to his or her favorite website?
Though there are various options to keep updated yourself like RSS, email notifications etc. But still some websites neither offers RSS, and nor does it offer email subscription.
If you feel yourself to be stucked in the same situation, then here are your solutions!

There are various services and extensions which can do this website monitoring job for you. But it is my bad habbit that I don’t like to install anything for any work if it can be done in other ways.
So, I am going to name few services which can be used.

Change Detection.
is one of those services, which sends you an email whenever there is any change on your favorite website.
It checks for your favorite pages usually twice in a day.
Just enter page address, email address, and that’s all.

The another great service which I found is called:
Follow That Page,
which does the same job what change detection does, but it checks 100 pages per day. This is still in testing stage.
If you want more information about both services, I recommend to see “FAQ” of both services.
So, what are you waiting for?
Choose the right service for you and forget about getting updates for your favorite website manually!

Please visit:

Follow That Page.com

Stay tuned for more cool tips!


Amar Jain.


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