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Tired of spam? Use Boxbe!

Dear Readers,
A very happy 2011 to all!
Due to tiring schedule and time constraints, I was lacking in research, hence, was unable to post for such a long time.
But it is my assurance that the content of my post will be new or unique, though frequency of postings might be less.
Gone those days where we communicated through letters. It is the time of electronic mails.
But as things became easier with our communication, few problems became more severe than ever. One of them is “Spam”.
But as said, “where there is a problem, there is a solution”.
In this case, Boxbe comes as a solution.
Boxbe is a free service, which manages your list of approved contacts, so that you don’t receive unwanted email communications.
What makes it the best, is that if someone unknown sender sends you an email, it will be sent to you only after captcha verification, so that spammers don’t trouble you.
If someone doesn’t verify his authenticity, then it also keeps those emails in its waiting list, and you are given options of adding that contact; domain; or such emails can be approved by you.
It directly integrates with most email providers like Yahoo, Gmail, Google Apps etc. And it also provides you an email at boxbe, which can be used on public forums, social networking sites, etc.
It has also its own ranking system, which ranks the emails between the scale of 1 to 10, thereby gives you an idea that whether the email is spam or not.
It also lets you receive emails from the contacts of your friends.
It also gives you customisable widget, which can be used on blogs, forums etc.
It has lot more features, so its worth going and exploring it.
so go ahead and explore it:
As always, your feedback is anxiously awaited.
Amar Jain.
Website: www.amarjain.com


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