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Dear Readers,

I am sure things are going great in life, and I also thank for the regular feedback of everyone, which keeps me motivated.
At my end too, life is going great, lots of action is done from my end in these 4 years, but now it is the recruiters who need to act! Lets hope for the best, fingers crossed!

Today, I was actually looking for a way through which I could create a spreadsheet from the emails received, and post the data from spreadsheet to facebook automatically, without uploading the spreadsheet.
The first part is easy as a webmaster, however still researching on how to post updates from spreadsheet to facebook!

This lead to an interesting search result, which is an application which looks like spreadsheet, but it is a functional version of one’s facebook and twitter accounts! The idea behind this application was that people who have long working hours, due to which the social life (which is now mostly on social networks) is dead, can be sociable while in office, irrespective of the facebook being blocked or not.

I like the idea, for the fact that you can enjoy your social life, although with that we need to keep our responsibilities and priorities in mind. And when we are in office, work must be the first priority. So, here is the link of the website, from which you can get that application!

Hardly Work

I hope, the post brings happiness on the faces of many. And you can let me know the same by commenting / giving your feedback in any manner!

Wishing a happy social life,
Amar Jain.
Website: http://www.amarjain.com


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